Welcome to the Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club 🤠

Congratulations to all the lucky owners of one-of-a-kind DeRace Opies!

DeRace team welcomes you to the Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club.

How to join DeRace Jockey Club?

Please join the Telegram group below to connect with your fellow members of the secret DeRace society:


You will have to identify yourself as the owner of Opie Collection avatar to be able to join the group through @collablandbot by verifying that your wallet contains Opie.

What are the DeRace Jockey Club Rewards?

Owning a one-of-a-kind Opie Collection avatar opens the door to the secret DeRace society and unlocks additional benefits!

Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club members will get access to:

  • Secret NFT horse drops
  • VIP invitations to in-game racing events
  • NFT horse lotteries
  • First ones to learn the major DeRace news
  • Early access to the game
  • and many many more…

See you in the Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club, cowboys!

About DeRace

DeRace is a complete NFT horse racing ecosystem where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn profit while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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