The Tokenomics Behind DeRace: How DeRace is Powered by $DERC

DeRace is decentralized blockchain-based platform, meaning it combines the best parts of decentralization with its core features of gaming, horse racing and gambling.

The platform is designed to bring together racehorse enthusiasts into a community where one can buy and breed NFT horses, bet on real-time horse races, and also host races on one’s own hippodromes for $DERC tokens. However, all the in-game transactions and platform features will be powered by the native token $DERC.

This article provides potential future game developers, gamers, as well as game backers with an overview of DeRace’s token economy.

DeRace Coin (DERC)

The main benefits of using DeRace native coins are:

  1. The coin serves a dual-function of being both a native currency of DeRace and an independent store of value.
  2. Players can minimize in-game transaction fees by using DeRace native coins.
  3. External contributors to projects will be rewarded with DeRace coins, thus increasing their interest in making contributions to the success of the project.
  4. $DERC holders take part in the decision-making governance process with regards to the development of the DeRace platform.
  5. They also receive exclusive access to the NFT drops at a special price.

$DERC Coin Utility

All activities happening in-game such as winning of bets and races, trading of horses and items will be executed in $DERC.

While all in-game assets will be represented using a certain currency — FIAT or crypto, all the transactions are made exclusively in DeRace coins. This serves to guarantee a constant token volume and continuously circulating supply-demand.

Likewise, all deposits, whether in cryptocurrencies or classic payment methods will automatically be converted to DeRace coins (which are bought from coin holders) with absolute transparency. DeRace coins are also used in the Referral and Reward System. Wallet users, influencers, social media accounts, blogs or news outlets will all receive their referral rewards in DeRace coins.

Player Earnings

Gamers can earn money through various different channels including:

  • Breeding
  • Trading NFT horses
  • Participating in races
  • Hosting races in hippodromes
  • Betting
  • Selling analysis and predictions
  • Referral programs
  • Reward programs
  • Bug reporting
  • Watching advertisements

Example of DeRace weekly earnings report:

This mechanism of diversifying income sources helps maximize revenues for game developers. Furthermore, players are promised a much richer experience on the platform, thus bringing more engaged enthusiasts to the DeRace universe.

Token Holder Benefits

In general, the major token holder benefits include:

  • VIP early access to the platform
  • VIP early access to the NFT asset drops
  • First invitees to test new features

DeRace Token Metrics

DeRace Token $DERC Metrics

To wrap it up, DeRace’s native token ($DERC) serves as the major fuel of the whole ecosystem, enabling all transactions in racing, betting, trading, etc. Players are given opportunities to earn their income in DeRace tokens through various channels like breeding, betting, referral and others. Token holders are also granted the privilege of early access to the platform, NFT drops and new features.

DeRace is launching soon, join us to enjoy all these irresistible benefits!

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