Sustainable DeRace Player Earning Mechanics: Sugar Cubes Part 2🍬

What is sweet, rewarding and absolutely healthy for you? If you guessed DeRace Sugar Cubes, then you are CORRECT!

Last week we revealed the Sugar Cubes as the fundamental reward unit within the DeRace metaverse. We explained their mechanics, dived into the advantages of Sugar Cubes in the game and all the exciting ways of acquiring them.

Players get rewarded Sugar Cubes through:

  • In-game activity: completing missions and unlocking achievements
  • NFT burn: players control NFT supply within the game themselves and get rewarded for it, thus making DeRace NFTs deflationary
  • “Candy Shop”: directly exchanging $DERC tokens into Sugar Cubes
  • Spin-The-Wheel rewards: players win various amounts of Sugar Cubes just by spinning the wheel

Now it’s time to cover the use-cases for the Sugar Cubes!

Sugar Cubes’ Exchange 😋

After the player has collected the right amount of Sugar Cubes by fully immersing themselves into the DeRace metaverse, they can exchange them into the in-game utility NFTs by purchasing NFT Chests and Keys.

All Chest and Key NFTs have different tiers, thus their value in Sugar Cubes is different. The NFT tier directly corresponds to the probability of a rare asset hiding inside the Chest. To acquire the NFT within, the player has to collect Chest and Key of the same tier.

NOTE: players can use higher tier Key NFTs to unlock chests however the probability to get the rare item will depend on the Chest tier.

Sugar Cubes can be exchanged into the in-game utility NFTs (work in progress)

Once the player exchanges the Sugar Cubes to Chests and Keys, they have full ownership of those NFT items. The owner can choose to unlock the Chest, sell the Chest and Key NFTs on the secondary marketplaces, or if they have changed their minds, players can even burn the items to get Sugar Cubes instead.

The same ownership rule applies to the utility NFT that player has acquired by unlocking the Chest. Players can use it in-game to expand the gameplay opportunities, sell it on secondary markets to other players or — in case it’s an item that they have plenty of — burn the NFT for Sugar Cubes.

Sugar Cubes are delicious rewards — make sure to exchange them into the in-game utility NFTs to reap maximum benefits!

This closed loop in-game economy has lots of advantages. It allows players to enjoy the gameplay, regulate the supply of NFTs within the metaverse themselves and even get rewarded! It provides new ways to interact with other players by trading their NFTs and rewards all the active players not depending on the performance of their horse.

Sugar Cube rewards stand at the center of the whole in-game ecosystem, making it all possible!

🍬 “Candy Shop”: additional way of getting Sugar Cubes

It might take a while for some players to collect enough Sugar Cubes to trade them for Legendary Chest and Key NFTs, so we have also added a short-cut into the game mechanics 🤫

Players can exchange their $DERC tokens directly into the Sugar Cubes in the “Candy Shop”

DeRace “Candy Shop”: players can exchange $DERC tokens directly into Sugar Cubes (work in progress)

Whether the player is missing some Sugar Cubes to acquire the Rare Chest or just doesn’t feel like racing but would still like to try their luck by unlocking NFT Chests and receiving Legendary items, no matter the reason, “Candy Shop” is there to ensure instant and continuous supply of Sugar Cubes.

Sugar Cubes from the “Candy Shop” work exactly like the ones acquired from accomplishing missions or burning unwanted NFTs — you can easily exchange them into the utility NFTs which opens up various gameplay opportunities and spice up the races even more!

Get ready for a delicious treat! 😉

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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