🗝 Sustainable DeRace Player Earning Mechanics: Chest & Key System

DeRace is taking the GameFi industry into the new era of WEB3 gaming!

We have just integrated the DeRace Efficiency Protocol which dramatically increases transaction speed, improves player satisfaction and distinguishes DeRace as a leader among other crypto gaming projects. Always evolving and improving, we are not stopping just yet.

The next-generation gameplay is just around the corner! 👀

The upcoming launch of our sustainable player earning model is bringing tons of new features which together create a long-term viable, entertaining and rewarding gameplay to all the players. Such features as Sugar Cubes, Chest & Key NFTs, NFT horse equipment and others create a holistic closed-loop ecosystem which rewards players based on their activity within the metaverse.

It’s time to reveal all the delicious details about the Chest & Key NFTs 😋

✨ What is the DeRace Chest & Key system? ✨

The Chest & Key system is mostly used in digital gaming to expand the gameplay and to bring even more excitement and surprises for the players.

Brace yourselves as we are bringing these time-tested mechanics to completely revolutionize the GameFi sphere!

Very soon DeRace players will be able to collect NFT Chest, unlock them with NFT Keys and receive the treasure that is hiding inside. Both Chests and Keys have different tiers which correlate to different colors: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

DeRace NFT Chests of all tiers

The higher the tier of these NFTs the higher is the chance to find a Legendary item hiding inside the chest. Naturally, Legendary Chests and Keys require higher player activity to collect enough Sugar Cubes. So make sure to hit the daily, weekly and monthly mission board, complete the tasks and you will be greatly rewarded 😉

DeRace NFT Keys of all tiers

📦 How to acquire the NFT Chests?

There are many different ways of getting your hands on the DeRace Chest NFTs.

DeRace Exchange Shop: main way of getting Chest & Key NFTs (NFT prices in Sugar Cubes are not finalized)

Since we want to encourage player activity within the platform and to reward the ones who fully immerse themselves into the DeRace ecosystem the main way of getting the Chest NFTs are through exchanging Sugar Cubes. Players are awarded XP and Sugar Cubes for completing the daily, weekly and monthly missions.

More about the Sugar Cubes here: 👉 https://medium.com/@deracenft/sustainable-derace-player-earning-mechanics-sugar-cubes-part-1-d12a31e2c0c

Players can exchange their Sugar Cubes for Chest & Key NFTs in the Exchange Shop just with a few clicks of a button.

Players can also just simply trade their Chest NFTs with others on the secondary market. It’s probably the easiest way of acquiring these NFTs but earning the items through in-game activity is just so much more fun!

🗝 How to acquire the NFT Keys?

Similarly to the Chest NFTs, players can receive NFT Keys by exchanging their Sugar Cubes on the platform. It means that Keys are used indirectly to reward the players for their in-game activity. The more active and immersed you are, the faster you can acquire the Legendary NFT Key 😉

Another way of getting your hands on NFT Keys is by unlocking the horse/player achievements and getting to spin the “Achievement” wheel where each slot has an amazing prize. Some of these prizes include bags of Sugar Cubes, $DERC tokens and also NFT Keys! The higher achievement you unlock the better are the prizes 🤩

Players can also trade their Key NFTs on the secondary market and acquire one just by a few clicks of a button.

🎁 Chest and Key combination: the ultimate reward reveal

By holding a Key, players can choose to open Chests which hide valuable NFTs inside.

These NFTs can be later on used within the game to expand the gameplay and at the same time enhance the players experience.

Players can choose to use the Key to unlock the Chest and trade the item with others. They can also trade NFT Chests and NFT Keys directly without opening them and leave the surprise factor for the new owner.

Note: a Key of higher tier can also unlock lower tier Chests; Legendary key is a master-key as it can open any Chest.

It is also possible to burn the Chests & Keys via our NFT burn mechanism for the Sugar Cubes if the player chooses to do so.

So brace yourself for the unparalleled gameplay with delicious rewards which is waiting for you just around the corner! Very soon you will be able to fully experience our sustainable payer earning model through the integration of the Chest & Key mechanism into our ecosystem.

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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