Racing to Victory: Tournaments in DeRace Metaverse

Players, get ready for the epic horse racing events as tournaments are coming to the DeRace metaverse!

From the up-to-the-point championships to the massive week-long tournaments, NFT horse racing is elevated to the next level. Huge prize pools, sponsorships, the thrill of the competition and triumph of being on the top, will be experienced by the DeRace players after the launch of the tournament feature.

Future hippodrome owners and NFT horse racing enthusiasts, learn all the unreleased tournament details to craft your strategy for the upcoming launch!

🏁 What is a tournament?

Tournaments in the DeRace metaverse identify a special racing event and are organized by the hippodrome managers.

There are various options to generate any event from a small tournament up to a massive racing event which can last for even a number of days!

Tournaments in the DeRace metaverse can differ in:

  • Number of NFT horses participating
  • Prize pool
  • Entry fees
  • Track length/surface
  • Horse requirements
  • Whether it’s open for all horses or invite only

+ any other conditions.

DeRace tournaments coming to life: work in progress

Tournament type and conditions depend on what kind of tournament the hippodrome managers choose to create and we offer various options to build even the most elaborate racing event!

🏟 How are tournaments organized?

The first tournament release provides the hippodrome managers with a basic tool box to design custom tournaments in their hippodromes.

They get to choose the number of participating horses, the entry fee and prize pool, how many stages the tournament has and how many races each stage contains.

Tournaments can be either “Open for all” or “Invite only”. For the exclusive “Invite only” events, the invitees receive a notification to join the event which they can choose to accept or deny.

Races with NFT Jockeys

Hippodrome managers can find all the details in the hippodrome management console, which allows generating custom-made tournaments with a few clicks of a button. All these elements are adjustable, which helps hippodrome managers to easily generate different tournaments each time!

🏇 General tournament mechanics

Tournaments in the DeRace metaverse are an elaborate extension of the regular day-to-day races.They are made up of different stages (qualifiers), while the stages consist of a pre-decided number of races.

After all races of the specific stage are run, all NFT horses are listed in the leaderboard according to their best times from that stage (the best attempt time). After all the races of that specific stage are run, the worst performing NFT horses are eliminated from the further competition, while others proceed to the higher stage.

NOTE: The track length doesn’t change throughout the tournament: NFT horses always race on the same surface & track length which is announced during the tournament registration.

When generating the tournament, the hippodrome manager decides how many NFT horses fall out after each stage (either number or percentage), and how many of them proceed to the next one.

The tournament is governed by the same mechanics up until the finals are run and the winning NFT horses are announced. Afterwards, the prize pool is distributed among all the winners and the tournament is closed.

🏆 Choosing the tournament winners

The first generation of the tournaments uses NFT horse’s fastest time as the qualifying criteria to climb the next stages.

At the end of each stage, all horses are listed in the leaderboard according to their rankings — best time ever throughout all the races of every stage. The hippodrome managers chooses in advance how many NFT horses will be eliminated after each stage and how many will proceed. More specifically, the horses who’s best performance is worst among all the horses in that specific stage will be eliminated.

List of race winners

NOTE: NFT horse elimination happens after each stage and not after each race.

After the final race is run, the winners are announced and the prizes are automatically distributed to the winner’s wallets. In the first generation tournaments only the $DERC prizes are automatically distributed; any other prizes granted by the hippodrome managers are allocated outside the platform. Later on, the hippodrome managers get to also add DeRace NFTs into the prize pool for automatic distribution.

🔮 What’s to come after?

In the future we will add more options for the qualifying criteria for the hippodrome owners to choose, to customize their tournaments such as:

  • Point system,
  • Best average times,
  • Highest earners,

And many others!

It will allow the hippodrome managers to target different types of NFT horses and make the tournaments more inclusive and thrilling!🤩

Hippodrome managers will also be able to include additional DeRace NFTs into the prize pool such as NFT horses, Liquid Love, Chests, Keys and horse equipment NFTs which will be then automatically distributed among the race winners. Since all the hippodromes will compete against each other to attract more players, the prize pools for the tournaments will become the deciding factor for the players.

The upcoming tournament launch are revolutionising the DeRace gameplay as it allows players themselves to take the control of the game and at the same time, to get rewarded for it. Hippodrome managers are getting an opportunity to look for sponsors for the tournaments which would increase the prize pool for each event.

At the same time, players can enjoy different types of racing events, have fun climbing the leaderboard rankings to reach the top while eliminating the competition and enjoy the delicious rewards in the end.

So brace yourself for the game-changing tournament launch: prepare your NFT horses for the ultimate test — an unforgettable race towards victory!

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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