🏁 🐎 Join The Races: DeRace Features in Game Beta Version

Time has come: the highly-awaited DeRace game beta is launching TOMORROW 🥳

What do you need to join the races?

How to join the races? 🤔

  1. Select the race you want to participate in from the “Race” section. An NFT horse can be registered for one race only at the same time. If you try to register for more races it will show that the horse is “On cooldown”
Choose the race from “Races” section (example from testnet)
Select a horse for the race
Winning horses and prize pool distribution (example from testnet)
How to participate in the races?

DeRace hippodrome

Winning the race

The announcement of the winning horses
View all your race winnings in the “Winnings” section (example from testnet)
Check the NFT horse winning statistics under “Career” (example from testnet)

About DeRace



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