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5 min readSep 28, 2021


Evangelion Capital is one of DeRace’s most long-standing partners and backers, who has been with us since our earliest incubation, providing invaluable consultation and market insights. They are reputable for being a project incubator with numerous successful names on their portfolio since 2017.

Here is the summary of an interview with Lars Jacobus, CEO of Evangelion Capital, in which he elaborates on various aspects of the relationship with DeRace, including insights into the Crypto market and their investment decision making process.

Can you tell us more about Evangelion Capital?

Evangelion Capital is a venture capital with a mission to expand the adoption and innovation of Blockchain technology to the world. The way we realize our mission is focusing on crypto investment. We work both as an incubator and backer for promising projects in the blockchain industry.

Why did you invest in Derace?

Whenever we consider a project for investing, there are two key factors that determine our decision. The first factor is the potential of the targeted market, and the second is the solution that the team provides.

First, in terms of the market, DeRace has a tremendous competitive advantage because they are targeting three of the most thriving entertainment industries ever: gaming, horse racing, and gambling. These industries all have huge market potential that amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars, and yet they are growing exponentially each year. DeRace is so far the first platform that has the ambition to combine these three fields with NFT technology, which I believe is very impressive.

Second is the solution provided by the team. DeRace is enabling gamers to actually monetize their hobby and experience an ultimate gaming universe with NFTs. This promises to allow the team to keep an extensive, stable fan base of gaming enthusiasts. DeRace is giving an answer with Blockchain technology, which allows them to ensure absolute transparency and security for users.

I think for the mentioned reasons, we are quite confident with our investment in DeRace.

What are your current predictions for the NFT and crypto markets in 2021?

This is a very important question. For every crypto project to succeed, the market plays a critical role. I would say a concrete prediction is not easy to make, as 2021 has been an especially volatile period for the crypto market. We saw Bitcoin price rocket to an unprecedented height around March, and since then it has been slowing down.

Albeit all, we firmly believe that the crypto market and Blockchain technology is here to stay and will further expand to newer territories. One evidence is that this year we have seen a lot of new institutional investors jumping into the field, which means more and more experts are believing in the potential of the market.

I am looking forward to more innovative projects being launched in the later part of the year.

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How do you think DeRace can revolutionize both gaming and gambling markets?

As I mentioned above, they have great potential firstly because they target the right market. The market shares of these three fields combined can reach around 700 billion dollars, such a huge number, therefore if they can touch on 1% share of the market potential, they already are very successful.

Moreover, DeRace is the first project that has the ambition to combine horse racing, gaming, and gambling, and being the first really matters. DeRace provides an inclusive platform in which players can join for multiple purposes, whether just for fun or for financial benefits. They introduce diverse channels of profit earning for users, such as horse breeding, trading, racing, betting and more. Thanks to this, I believe they will have a stable and loyal community who would support them the way along.

What is your thesis around NFT projects as an investment?

We have been investing in many crypto projects, not only ones related to NFTs. We are especially careful about this type of projects because many of them do not fully understand NFTs and thus fail to provide a tenable argument for their ideas. DeRace is among the few projects that we find impressive because they really know what they want and what they can do about NFTs and the market.

What is your most anticipated feature in DeRace?

For me it would be gambling. Gambling is something that is less discussed on formal platforms than horse racing and gaming, but it has a lot of market potential. Due to legal complications, we do not see many estimates of the gambling market value, especially the informal online gambling sector, but we all know that it’s a gigantic market. DeRace is the first project to target gambling in digital NFT horse racing, and I am very excited to see what they provide.

What are your expectations from DeRace for 2021?

DeRace is an impressive project with concrete ideas and a strong team, they are also doing well in marketing. Therefore, I believe DeRace will do very well in the market in the long term, though it cannot be denied that the market conditions at the moment are not especially favorable for them.

Final question: What are your going to name your DeRace horse :) ?

Tricky question! “Raskolnikov”, if male and “Karenina” if female:D

About Evangelion Capital

Evangelion functions as an incubator and a backer for the most promising ventures in the blockchain industry. From humble origins as traders on shady exchanges back when Bitcoin was in three digits, Evangelion has organically grown into a respected investor with an in-depth knowledge of blockchain and the various marketing facets of the industry.

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