Friday Development Update: Part 71

Another week has come to an end with the DeRace team accomplishing a number of milestones throughout it.

This week our team has focused on integrating a number of significant upgrades into the platform, preparing the ground to release equipment races with level requirement, enhancing the in-game notification feature and launching the monthly Lucky 7 Racing event.

Let’s dive into this week’s achievements!🤿

🏇 Level races

Equipment races are about to get improved with the upcoming release of horse level requirements.

Throughout the last 2 weeks the team has been in discussions with our DeRace community advisors on the ways to increase the participation in the equipment races. Together we have developed a solution: generating some of the races with the level requirements.

Races with various requirements

Introducing a few different level brackets within the equipment races will help to increase the participation in the equipment races for the lower level horses. The DeRace team will work hand in hand with our community to figure out the most optimal horse levels to join the races together which would provide additional incentives for more NFT horses to participate in the equipment races.

Equipment races with level requirements: open for all levels

Simultaneously, we are working on a few other solutions for the equipment races which would additionally enhance the level requirement such as customizing entry fee for different horse level brackets as well as adjusting the supply of the equipment races according to the demand for each level bracket.

More details to be released shortly about this equipment race upgrade, stay tuned! 😉

📬 Enhanced in-game notification feature

Among a number of different achievements this week, our team has expanded the functionalities of the in-game notification system.

With the introduction of separate tabs for system notifications and invitations to races, the players can now track their race invites so much easier than before. This new update simplifies the process of locating the race invitations as well as accepting them. Very shortly we will also include the registration deadline details into the notification to ensure that players register for the races in time.

Improved notification feature on

To make the notification system even more orderly, we have also included an option to delete the notifications which are not relevant anymore: either in bulk by deleting them all or one by one.

The notification system will be especially relevant with the release of full tournament features as well as 1:1 races where players get to challenge their friends (or frenemies) to one-on-one races for an agreed reward and will be enhanced even more in the near future to support all the upcoming features.

🛠 Massive platform update

This week the DeRace developers have really outdone themselves: they have released an important platform update which significantly improves player experience.

Among the minor bug fixes, this update included visual fixes for additional rewards, easier tracking of race results (especially for the custom-made races & events), UI preparation for the level races and expansion of the notification feature.

The development speed is picking up as our team is confidently moving forward towards the release of many new and exciting features👨‍💻

🏁 Lucky 7 Races LIVE

This week we have launched an exciting monthly event for the DeRace community called Lucky 7 Races 🏇

Each month players get to race their NFT horses in one of 7 races: 6 with pre-announced track parameters and 1 with randomly chosen surface and distance.

Lucky 7 Races calendar for January

The 6 pre-announced races cover all possible surfaces with one shorter and one longer race for each surface to make sure that as many horses could participate as possible!

The participants need to pass the Qualifier races first to be invited into finals & win a share of 5.000 Sugar Cubes prize pool. So make sure to follow the Lucky 7 Races announcements on our Discord channel not to miss out on this amazing event!😉

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, equip them, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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NFT horse racing metaverse based on blockchain and powered by $DERC ⚡️

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NFT horse racing metaverse based on blockchain and powered by $DERC ⚡️