Friday Development Update: Part 51

Another Friday, another DeRace development update.

Brand new NFT Jockey animations, horse equipment updates, finalizing our never-before-seen sustainable player earning model and newest hippodrome coming to completion 🥳

Let’s take a look at what our team has accomplished this week!👇

🕺 NFT Jockeys

DeRace Jockeys are showing off their new moves!

This week our game design team has finalized the brand new Jockey animations which will be used for the victory scene!

Designing new Jockey animations in working environment

These brand new animations are bringing in more emotion and triumph into the final victory scene, and are making winning the race look more exciting and joyful for the players.

DeRace NFT Jockeys will be waving, looking around and using various different movements to show that they are celebrating making it to the podium.

Victory scene: DeRace Jockeys are getting additional animations

Since the animations have been finalized, our game designers will program all the new moves into the NFT Jockeys and in a week we will be able to see them already in the test-net to start working on their characteristics from the back-end side 😊

🥕 NFT horse equipment

DeRace horse wearables are launching shortly and we are finalizing all the related functionalities on the platform.

Our team has tested and retested again the Sugar Cube (in-game reward unit) mechanics which allows players to exchange the collected Sugar Cubes for Chests and Keys which hold different NFT horse equipment inside.

We trialed the Chest & Key functionality, more specifically unlocking the NFT Chest and collecting the horse wearables. Players need to collect matching NFT Keys in order to open an NFT Chest (NOTE: higher tier keys can also unlock lower tier chests). Once the NFT Chest is opened, the equipment type and rarity is chosen through the use of a spinner 👇

Brand new NFT horse equipment “spinner”

We have also upgraded the horse equipment spinner — which opens when the player unlocks the Chest — to bring more clarity and fit better with our brand new platform design.

The DeRace team have also tested equipping the NFT horse with different wearables, racing the equipped horses, removing the old wearables and putting the new items, all of which worked smoothly.

NFT horse wearables are making the racing in DeRace metaverse more authentic and helps the player to unlock the full potential of their NFT horse. Cannot wait for their launch! 👀

🧮 DeRace game economics

Get ready for the GameFi revolution: we are releasing our balanced player earning mechanism together with the launch of the first batch of new features.

Our game economist David has gone over all of the current and upcoming in-game features to help us to create a never-before-seen sustainable player earning mechanism!

With the launch of the first batch of new features, players are going to experience not only a completely revamped gameplay but also a carefully designed game economy. The new P2E mechanism ensures that players can both have fun in the DeRace metaverse and also get sustainably rewarded for their in-game activity.

The balanced game economy is also allowing us to seamlessly onboard a number of guilds without any additional pressure on our ecosystem or negative impact to the current players.

Brace yourself as BIG things are coming to the DeRace metaverse!

🌸 Sakura Path

Our brand new hippodrome with the turf surface is completed!

All the structures and elements have been added to the hippodrome environment and our game design team is currently working on finalizing their positions to enhance the player experience when racing.

Starting gates in Sakura Path hippodrome

Some objects need to be moved around/turned to not obstruct the camera, so that the players can have a clear view of their NFT horses throughout the race. However, these adjustments are cosmetic and will only take a few days to complete.

Bird view of finalized Sakura Path hippodrome

Next week the brand new Sakura Hippodrome will be already available in the test-net for the DeRace team to try it out. Will definitely share some sneak peeks from the team races with you! 🤩

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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