🥳 Friday Development Update: Part 50

Woohoo! 50 Fridays have passed since we started the DeRace Development Updates. Time really does fly!

Let’s take a look at what our team has been up to this week 🤩

🕺 NFT Jockeys showing off their moves

DeRace Jockeys look amazing racing in the hippodromes and they are about to get even better!

NFT Jockeys racing in the Emerald Garden hippodrome: test-net view

This week our game designers began drafting additional Jockey animations for the victory screen and the 3D viewer.

The brand new victory animations will make winning the race look even more exciting and joyful. DeRace NFT Jockeys will be waving, looking around and celebrating making it to the podium.

DeRace NFT Jockeys: victory moment after the race

The new animations for the Jockey 3D viewer will bring more attention to the Jockey itself and will provide better synchronicity with their NFT horse.

We’re expecting the brand new animations to be ready in around 2 weeks and cannot wait to share any sneak peeks with you guys 😉

🌸 Sakura Path: additional touches

Each week our upcoming hippodrome is looking better and better!😍

Sakura Path hippodrome with a turf surface

Our game design team has finalized the racetrack elements such as grandstand, banner stands, and other smaller features and have already integrated them into the hippodrome environment.

Currently they are focusing on the asset and surroundings optimisation to make sure that the races will load fast and smoothly for this hippodrome too. After the model optimization part is completed, we will move towards the technical part of the hippodrome, testing and then we will get to try it out in our test-net!

P.S. Good news for the players whose NFT horses perform well on turf surface but have a lower stamina: length of the races in Sakura Path hippodrome will be much shorter than in the Emerald Gardens.

Cannot wait to race my horse among the blooming cherry trees!

🏆 Tournaments

Brace yourself for the massive horse racing events with unbelievable prizes!

DeRace tournaments are already in the works and soon the players get to enjoy the thrill of competition and climbing the leaderboard rankings 😏

The first tournament release provides the hippodrome managers with a basic tool box to design custom tournaments in their hippodromes.

They get to choose the number of participating horses, the entry fee and prize pool, how many stages the tournament has and how many races each stage contains.

DeRace tournaments coming to life: work in progress

Hippodrome managers can find all the details in the hippodrome management console, which allows generating custom-made tournaments with a few clicks of a button. All these elements are adjustable, which helps hippodrome managers to easily generate different tournaments each time!

You can find all tournament details here 👇


🎨 DeRace UX/UI update

We have already upgraded the large majority of our platform and currently are finalizing the last pages of the website.

Brand new DeRace platform design: races’ section

The revamped platform design is launching together with the first batch of the much-anticipated in-game features to add more zing into the upcoming release.

Brand new DeRace UX/UI not only completely overhauls the platform appearance but also enhances the user experience by making all interactions more fluid and intuitive for the players. DeRace enthusiasts get to enjoy the next level gaming experience accompanied and enhanced by the fully upgraded platform.

Also, an exciting surprise awaits our community together with the launch of our revamped design😍 We cannot wait to reveal what it is!

Brace yourself as the countdown begins until the launch of the much anticipated DeRace features!

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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