Friday Development Update: Part 42

Another exciting and productive week has passed: DeRace team has added the final touches for the upcoming efficiency upgrade and continued their work on the NFT Jockeys and brand new hippodrome, among other things 😉

So without further ado, let’s jump into this week’s game development accomplishments!

🏇 NFT Jockeys: ready to race

DeRace NFT horses are feeling lonely without their jockeys and we cannot wait to bring them to *virtual* life!

This week we have been working on adding some additional details to the rudimentary model of NFT Jockey to make them as realistic as possible. This model will be used as a starting point for building every Jockey in the DeRace metaverse so it has to look perfect!

DeRace NFT Jockey: front-facing and back-facing model

We have started working on the Jockey animation for the races and you will see them competing on the racetrack very soon. HUGE Jockey spoilers are coming next week *wink wink*

Full model of DeRace NFT Jockey

Our game design team is also adjusting the starting gates in all of the hippodromes to flawlessly fit the NFT horse + Jockey combo, so get ready to make that perfect start on the racetrack! 🤩

🎋 NFT hippodrome updates

The magic is in the details and the DeRace team is working hard to make our upcoming hippodrome as authentic as possible 😍

Upgraded DeRace hippodrome concept

This week we have included additional features to our brand new hippodrome concept and it looks simply amazing!

Our game design team added even more blossoming cherry trees, updated the looks of the grandstand and made the area in the middle of the racetrack a complete masterpiece. This time they really outdid themselves!

New starting gate concept

The team has also created a brand new starting gate concept for this hippodrome which can fit the NFT horse and Jockey combination.

We are also bringing the new hippodrome to life: this week our game design team has started building the hippodrome itself and it won’t be long until we have the fully working model!

We will drop some spoilers and update you on the progress 🤫

⚡️ DeRace efficiency upgrade: loading

Get ready for increased efficiency, instantaneous transactions and no more gas fees within the game! All of this and more is coming to DeRace ecosystem on June 29 🚀

This week we focused on going through the feedback received from the auditors and addressing even the minor suggestions. Our efficiency upgrade is now working seamlessly in the test-net and is ready to be integrated into our platform.

Hold on to your saddles, next level gaming experience is just around the corner! 😎

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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