DeRace’s IGO on Binance NFT Marketplace Sale Details 🐎

As the second wave of historical DeRace’s IGO on Binance NFT Marketplace approaches, it is time to share the sale details, so that the DeRace community is fully prepared for the NFT Horse Tickets’ drop on 26th of October.

What do you need to know about purchasing NFT horse ticket on Binance NFT?

NOTE: Please be aware that some countries are excluded from participating in Binance NFT Marketplace.

DeRace NFT horses will also be available on DeRace Shop for $DERC on 28th of October.

For all the further questions regarding the Binance NFT Marketplace please address the Binance FAQ section.

When will the DeRace NFT Horse Ticket sale start?

How will the DeRace NFT Horse Ticket sale work?

Tier 1 — Binancian Olympian and DeRace Olympian — starting price 6700 $BUSD/ticket

Tier 2 — Binancian Demi-god — starting price 3800 $BUSD/ticket

Tier 3 — Binancian Alfa — starting price 1590 $BUSD/ticket

Tier 4 — Binancian Beta — starting price 420 $BUSD/ticket

Tier 5 — Binancian Omega — starting price 280 $BUSD/ticket

Other DeRace NFT horses will be sold in a fixed price instant-sale format on a first come first serve basis.

Tier 2 — DeRace Demi-god — 3800 $BUSD/ticket

Tier 3 — DeRace Alfa — 1590 $BUSD/ticket

Tier 4 — DeRace Beta — 420 $BUSD/ticket

Tier 5 — DeRace Omega — 280 $BUSD/ticket

The currency of the NFT Horse Ticket sale is $BUSD and there will be 1057 tickets in total for this drop (57 Binancians and 1000 DeRace NFT horses).

Once you’ve chosen the NFT Horse Ticket you want to buy, click the [Buy Now] button to pay the full price in $BUSD or enter the auction by placing a bid and clicking the [Place a Bid] button. The highest bid at the auction’s end will end up purchasing the NFT.

More information on how to buy NFT on Binance NFT Marketplace here:

DeRace is releasing the ticket exchange platform shortly where DeRace NFT horse tickets will be exchanged for actual in-game NFT horses!

So get ready for the race, only a few days left until the second wave of DeRace’s IGO on Binance NFT Marketplace!

Let the countdown begin!

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