DeRace Ultimate Guide: How to Play?

5 min readJan 31, 2022

Are you a big fan of horse racing events and all that surrounds it? Maybe missing some thrill in your life? Do you like to compete? Then look no further!

Jump into the DeRace metaverse and experience all that the horse racing industry can offer fist-hand in our virtual world.

You can race your horses in the hippodromes, breed, trade and even rent them, all for $DERC tokens!

First things first!

DeRace horses contain a set of various visual and hidden parameters that determine their performance on the track. Performance parameters: speed, stamina, conditioning, reaction time. Horses also have breeding and racing cool down periods.

NFT Horse 3D viewer on

The parameters are also visible on our website:

NFT horse profile on

To play in DeRace metaverse you’ll need an NFT horse which you can purchase on:

Open Sea:

Ticket on Binance NFT:

(You can redeem ticket here: )


To participate in races go to the “Race” section on and join any available race.

You can choose races according to the hippodrome, race track length, surface, entry fee and other requirements.

To race follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose any available race and press “Register for race”
  2. Select a horse for the race
  3. Pay the entry fee
  4. The race is run, the winners are announced and $DERC rewards are automatically distributed to the winners’ wallets
  5. After the race the horse racing cool-down begins

DeRace NFT horses perform differently in various hippodromes: some horses are faster on dirt, some on turf and some on synthetic surfaces.

Hippodrome with synthetic race track surface

Each horse will have at least one “favorite” surface on which it will have a better chance to perform well than on others. Your job as a horse owner is to discover that track by racing your horse.

Learn more about your horse’s performance on the race track here:

See you in the hippodrome!


To breed a new horse you will need a Liquid Love NFT, $DERC to cover the breeding fee and 2 horses: a mare and a stallion, both with breeding cool-down equal to 0.

NFT horse breeding initiated

You can either own both horses yourself or use the rent-for-breeding service.

How to breed?

  1. Go to your “Inventory”
  2. Select a horse that you want to breed
  3. Select “Breed” icon
  4. Select a second horse for breeding
  5. Click “Confirm”

Once breeding is initiated, both NFT horses are sent to the Breeding Smart Contract where all the magic happens.

After breeding ends, parent horses and the newly bred NFT horse return to the corresponding wallets and are ready for racing.

Breeding usually takes up to 10 minutes and after it ends the horse breeding cool-down will start. Each horse has a different cool-down time which is a hidden property. It can vary between 2 weeks to 2 months.


DeRace NFT horse owners will be able to not only breed their horses but also rent them for breeding to other players.

“Open for breeding” filter on

How to rent a horse for breeding?

  1. Go to “NFT Horses” section
  2. Filter “Open for breeding”
  3. Select a horse
  4. Press on “Heart” icon
  5. Select the horse for breeding
  6. Press “Confirm”
Renting process

How to place your horse for renting?

  1. Go to your “Inventory”
  2. Select a horse that you want to send to “Breeding Market”
  3. Select “Renting” icon
  4. Type in the renting fee
  5. Click “Confirm”

Once you decide to put your horse for rent-to-breed and choose the breeding fee, your NFT horse will interact with the Breeding Smart Contract and leave your inventory.

NFT horse available for renting (Heart icon and renting fee visible in the right corner)

During this time you won’t be able to race your horse unless you decide to cancel the rental.

Common questions about breeding


Breeding 2 Generation 0 NFT horses will always create a Generation 1 horse.


Breeding 2 different breed horses will always generate a Mixed breed foal. Only breeding the horses of the same breed will generate a pure-breed foal.

Appaloosa NFT horse

For example: 2 Appaloosa parents will have an Appaloosa foal. An Appaloosa and a Thoroughbred parents will have a Mixed breed foal.

Breeding fee

Breeding Smart Contract where the fee will increase marginally with each new horse minted to protect the ecosystem from overbreeding.

Exclusive right to breed

Generation 0 horse owners will have an exclusive right to breed for approximately 2 months. Generation 1 breeding will be introduced afterwards.

Love Potion

Love Potion is an NFT required for the breeding process. It can be acquired through: single sided staking, LP staking, Love Races, giveaways, purchased from other players & more.

Link to OS:

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn profit while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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