DeRace Revamp: Scaling, Performance & Layer 2 solution

DeRace transcends GameFi with limitless growth and scaling possibilities

DeRace is getting a massive ecosystem revamp that will improve its performance, create limitless scaling opportunities and build a base for Layer 2 solution.

Blockchain technology brings transparency, provability, verification and way more, but it also has many vulnerabilities. For the last couple of months we were focusing on how to overcome the weaknesses of blockchain technology.

After a lot of discussions and tests we have decided to take the very first steps into building Layer 2 cross-chain solution to optimize our ecosystem and to create enormous ecosystem scaling opportunities. The solution went beyond DeRace: it will solve the majority blockchain gaming issues in the GameFi market in general.

This solution will enhance our ecosystem on 3 levels: it will dramatically improve user experience on the platform, will pave the way for faster game development and will also increase DeRace’s scalability.

Revamp impact on user experience: Impeccable performance

Independently on network status, players will be able to enjoy smooth and instant in-game transactions. Whether signing up for a race, breeding your NFT horses or participating in any other activity on the platform, the outcomes of all in-game interactions will be by default instantaneous!

“Implementation of these solutions is a very big scale upgrade that every player will notice personally. It allows us to create a flawless user experience flow where users don’t have to wait for transactions and face the frequent errors.” — Adomas, founder and CEO

NFT utility expansion: Gen 0 horses

This solution will also open up the doors to implement additional Gen 0 NFT horse utilities. For instance, ancestry rewards — rewarding the owners of Gen 0 horses with a % of the wins of their descendants, Gen 0 NFT horse staking or other features which would expand our NFT utility would become possible. By sidestepping the need to develop a smart contract for each additional feature, our solution will unlock the possibility of faster and smoother development of new features that can increase the utility of our NFTs.

Revamp impact on game development: Efficiency

Every blockchain project faces strict time constraints when it comes to the launch of new features: creating smart contracts, integrating them, testing, passing the audits… What if we could just skip the majority of those? With our solution it will soon be possible!

Having a new smart contract will improve the game development speed almost three times! By creating new smart contracts we will be saving the time spent on the development of supplementary smart contracts and bypassing any additional audits. Moreover, we will become even more flexible since we won’t be as much affected by the blockchain provider changes.

Once DeRace V2 is implemented, we will be able to introduce a variety of new features which were either taking too much time to implement before or not possible at all. So get ready for automated races, horse class races, customisable NFT wearables, more engaging mini games, horse lending and scholarships, just to mention a few. DeRace V2 will open new horizons to expand!

“Improved game development speed and introduction of new exciting features will take the DeRace game-play to the next level. Faster development means that our players will be able to experience all the exciting in-game features without any setbacks.” — Kristijonas, CTO

Layer 2: Chain independence

Our platform is currently running on the Polygon network and recently we are experiencing more frequent network disruptions. Network disruptions cause interference in the game that the players experience while trying to register to races, breeding horses or making other interactions with the platform.

We have considered migration to another chain, but that would cause a lot of downtime and inconvenience for the players. That also does not guarantee that the other chain will not have network disruptions.

Therefore, creating a new Layer 2 solution will open up a possibility to seamlessly switch to any other EVM or non-EVM chain at no time without the previous downsides.

“Chain independence would allow us to create a seamless player experience where players will not be affected by any network problems. That would eliminate lags in registrations, breeding, payouts, downtime and more. We will also be able to scale to other chains.” — Tadas, Blockchain Developer

DeRace going cross-chain: scalability scope

Imagine NFT horses from different chains competing with each other on the same race track regardless of any network issues. Who would win, BSC or Polygon?

Cross-chain NFTs

Once fully integrated, our newest solution will make it possible to integrate other chains to our platform on a deeper level. The players will be able to use our NFT assets on other EVM and non-EVM based chains. It will allow for exponential ecosystem and community growth and even smoother user experience.

3rd party applications

Almost instant network and transaction speed will open up the doors for unlimited scalability! 3rd party applications for features like wagering will become more easily integratable which will speed up this feature launch.

Cross-chain transactions

Even though our platform is currently running on Polygon network and requires all $DERC tokens to be bridged to Polygon, in the future users will have a possibility to withdraw and deposit $DERC tokens to other supported chains.

“Going cross chain enables DeRace to ensure rapid scaling and growth of the player base as we would enter the new chain fully: token, NFT assets, wallet integration and more.” — Adele, founder and CMO

Beyond the game: ecosystem growth opportunities

Once fully developed, our groundbreaking Layer 2 cross-chain solution will disrupt not only the GameFi market but also the whole traditional gaming industry!

Possibility to use our L2 solution by non-crypto gaming studios

Well established non-crypto gaming studios are struggling with breaking into the blockchain industry because it’s an unknown territory for them. Our solution will open an easy way for the traditional gaming studios to create and deploy their games using blockchain and NFTs. In the future, we will deploy a system allowing users to use our solution without having in-depth knowledge about the blockchain industry or NFTs.

GameFi cross-chain solution

Blockchain games encounter various obstacles when trying to integrate other networks with only available options currently — bridging their assets from one chain to another, which is extremely inefficient. And since we could not find a better alternative in the market — we will work on developing our own visionary solution. Once it’s tested and ready, it will take the market by storm!

Our novel solution will become available for purchase or rent to other crypto games with $DERC token ONLY. The other gaming projects will be able to easily replicate and integrate it into their ecosystem, speeding up the development tremendously because they won’t have to spend time, trial and error, funds and other resources by creating, testing and auditing it themselves.

Going above and beyond the game will ensure that DeRace will take its rightful place among other crypto pioneer projects as the leader and visionary of the GameFi industry.

DeRace transcends gaming as we take the first steps into becoming an efficient ecosystem with limitless scaling possibilities.

We will pioneer the first ever framework for GameFi projects which will take us one step closer to reinventing DeRace as a cross-chain game. In the upcoming weeks we will update our roadmap to include the development and integration of this groundbreaking solution into our timeline.

Prepare yourself for what the future brings because GameFi will never be the same. 🚀

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn profit while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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