DeRace Partners with ChainPort to Ensure Lowest Transaction Costs for Our Community 🚀

DeRace partners with ChainPort

DeRace teams up with ChainPort

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with ChainPort, one of the most innovative and user-friendly blockchain bridges in the market. Providing a bridge between blockchains is still a very nascent service in this space, and ChainPort is one of its pioneers.

ChainPort’s permission-less nature will allow teams or DAOs to easily use the many blockchain bridges (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and others) ChainPort has to offer without needing permission from any entity.

DeRace is a virtual NFT horse racing universe built on blockchain. In DeRace, you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, build your own NFT hippodrome, bet on the races, and earn tokens while doing it.

The ecosystem is fully powered by the native DERC token, and all transactions within the platform will only be settled in DERC.

This partnership will thus be crucial as ChainPort’s permission-less bridge between blockchains will play a key role in ensuring that users could hop to another chain with their tokens. Swap or trade them there and get back to the original chain.

DeRacers can thus be assured of minimal gas and transactional costs as well as easy, user-friendly token swaps.

Adele S., CMO of DeRace shared:

ChainPort has been an innovator from the start, and its platform has only grown leaps and bounds within a short span of time. Their permissionless blockchain bridge is as exciting as it is simple. We believe our collaboration with them will be highly beneficial and keep the swap costs to the absolute minimum. We’re looking forward to exploring more avenues for collaboration in the near future as well.

Maximiliano, Head of Marketing of ChainPort shared:

DeRace is being built with a grand vision, tackling three massive real-world industries. At ChainPort, we’ve always had a tendency to favor trailblazers and DeRace is poised to become a pioneer in the NFT gaming and horseracing market. We’re delighted to partner with them, and help establish a blockchain bridge that will ensure other cryptos can be converted into the native DERC tokens without any complicated mechanisms to cost prohibitive manner. We will look to collaborate with DeRace in other ways too.

🔥 Stay tuned for more exciting updates on DeRace and ChainPort partnership!

About DeRace

DeRace is a virtual NFT horse racing universe that joins billions of gaming, gambling, and horse racing enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and breed NFT horses, bet on real-time horse races, and host races in your owned hippodromes for DERC tokens.

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About ChainPort

ChainPort makes tokens liquid-like never before. It is one of the first permissionless blockchain bridges on the market. Most importantly, ChainPort takes away all the stress of moving between blockchains by providing the easiest and most interactive interface a user could possibly ask for. Easily teleport your tokens from one blockchain to another.

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