DeRace LP Staking on QuickSwap Continues with Amazing Rewards!🎉

Wave 2 LP farming on QuickSwap brings CRAZY rewards to the stakers!

As the LP staking Wave 1 has already ended, we are smoothly stepping into Wave 2. Great news to the current stakers: we are using the same farm for a new staking wave which will last for approximately 3 months! You can just sit down, relax and watch $DERC work for you 😉

✨The legendary rewards for staking your LP DERC-USDC tokens on QuickSwap include:✨

💰 $dQuick reward: 150 000 USDC worth of dQUICK tokens are locked in the liquidity provider pool as a reward for participants.

NFT rewards:

🐎 15 Generation 0 NFT horses of various tiers

🦄 7 DeRace Jockey Club avatars which opens the door to Exclusive DeRace Jockey Club and grants a part of a DJC hippodrome

🧃 10 Liquid Love NFTs which fuels the horse breeding process in DeRace metaverse

How to start mining LP on QuickSwap? 🤔

  1. Bridge your DERC tokens to Polygon network or buy them directly on QuickSwap
  2. Go to pool tab and add liquidity in DERC-USDC pool
  3. Find DERC-USDC on “Farm” and stake your LP

That’s it! You are now earning dQUICK for staking your LP!

You can find the general information of how liquidity mining and rewards work in QuickSwap here:

The stakers’ rewards will be distributed after the staking period ends.

Join the DeRace LP staking program and make your $DERC work for you. Good things come to those who stake!

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn profit while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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NFT horse racing metaverse based on blockchain and powered by $DERC ⚡️