DeRace introduces a never-seen-before sustainable player earning model: create, engage, govern

7 min readFeb 1, 2022

DeRace introduces a never-seen-before sustainable player earning model that rewards players with in-game utility NFTs for the following actions: creating, engaging and governing.

DeRace2Earn = Create2Earn + Engage2Earn + Govern2Earn

Play-to-earn economy has overtaken the gaming sector in the last few months. However, the traditional P2E model has proved itself to be short term and damaging to the ecosystem, especially to the token.

As the community is the core of DeRace metaverse, our in-game earning model joins together Create2Earn, Engage2Earn and Govern2Earn features. The combined player economy model surpasses the traditional models by rewarding the players with in-game utility NFTs for various actions.

  • Create2Earn — provides players with a possibility to create NFTs themselves
  • Engage2Earn — players will get rewarded NFTs for their activity on the platform
  • Govern2Earn — ecosystem is governed by community: allowing the community to run the game themselves and earn rewards

We will implement the DeRace2Earn model step-by-step together with developing and expanding the ecosystem. In each DeRace Beta version development stage our combined development efforts are focused on the benefit of the community.

DeRace Metaverse Beta version has 3 stages:

DeRace Beta 1.1

DeRace Beta 1.2

DeRace Beta 1.3

Beta 1.1 is focused on Create2Earn, Ecosystem expansion and Metaverse expansion

In January the main focus of the team was on releasing Create2Earn model by providing players with a possibility to create NFTs themselves in form of minting NFT horses.

In January we delivered:

  • Liquid Love NFT: introduced the newest NFT into the ecosystem through various events: races, contests, staking, giveaways and airdrops
  • Races with special NFT prizes: organized races with Liquid Love NFT prizes as well as $BLANK rewards. More races with special rewards to come soon!
  • NFT horse breeding function: launched one of the main features of the DeRace metaverse — NFT horse breeding — which allows horse owners to create a brand new NFT horse. The owner can choose whether to trade the newly bred horse, to race or to breed him.
  • NFT horse renting mechanism: horse renting for breeding allows horse owners to enjoy the rental fees from listing their horses for breeding

In February we will be working on DeRace Ecosystem expansion. Our center of attention will be creating more utility for the NFTs and $DERC

We are aiming to deliver:

  • Single sided staking for Liquid Love: stake your $DERC tokens on Polygon network to receive the Liquid Love NFTs as a reward
  • Spin-the-wheel mini game: have some fun and win rewards while waiting for the races to start
  • Liquid Love sales for $DERC: A number of Liquid Love NFTs will be sold for $DERC tokens in the upcoming weeks
  • Hippodromes with turf and synthetic surfaces: 2 new hippodromes with different surfaces are joining our metaverse. Once you’ve raced your NFT horse on all the surfaces you will know which track he prefers. Then what’s left is to discover the perfect track length and your horse is unstoppable
  • High stake races for top Tier horses: special races for top tier NFT horses which will include exclusive rewards and high stakes!
  • Races with entry requirements: Race functionality will expand to add additional entry requirements like tier, generation, win rate and others. In the near future the hippodrome owners will have this function integrated into the hippodrome management system to easily generate specific races
  • Tournaments and other big racing events: Next level tournaments and other events will take place in the DeRace metaverse. To make it to the final round you will have to face many challenges, however, the prize pool makes it totally worth it!
  • 1st user profile expansion: User profile will get an upgrade. You will be able to personalize your profile by adding your picture, bio, horses, stats, etc.
  • Invite only races with special prize funds: Various racing events will take place in DeRace metaverse this February, one of them — invite only races. The lucky winners will share a special prize pool

In March our main goal is to expand the Metaverse. We will be building a dynamic DeRace Metaverse environment to create thrilling and captivating gaming experience for the community

Our plan is to develop:

  • Dynamic hippodrome environment: Rain, wind, snow and other weather conditions will be introduced into the races which will affect NFT horse performance on the race track to add more thrill to the races
  • Night and day hippodrome modes will be added to create a more realistic horse racing experience in the DeRace metaverse
  • Adding automated additional rewards to the races: Additional rewards such as in-game NFTs and other tokens will be introduced to the race prize pool. In the future the hippodrome owners will be able spice up the race prize pool themselves to attract more players to their hippodromes

Beta 1.2 is concentrating on Engage2Earn elements of the platform as well as gameplay expansion

April brings us tons of Engage2Earn features! The team will be creating opportunities for players to be rewarded for their activity in the game

  • Player experience points and ranking: Experience in the races will turn to the experience points and will rank you among other players. Top players will be competing for some amazing in-game rewards
  • Horse levels introduction: By participating in the races and winning them you will be gaining experience points which will be putting you in different levels. Levels will unlock players’ ability to equip their NFT horses with additional performance boosting assets. There will be special races held for NFT horses with different levels. Higher level means higher rewards, so make sure to race your horse well to qualify!
  • Activity rewards for players: Players will receive amazing rewards for their participation in the game in the form of in-game NFTs. Make sure to stay active to get your hands on those
  • Performance boosting assets: Equip your NFT horse with wearable items: saddles, horseshoes, whips, etc. to reach the new heights on the race track!
  • Performance boosting asset sale in $DERC: Horse wearables will be primarily sold for $DERC to which would provide an additional utility for the token

In May the top goal of the team will be the gameplay expansion. We will be building new engaging ways for players to interact with the game

  • Expanded horse rental system: A secure rental system for NFT horses will be introduced where the horse owners will be able to rent out their horses to other players to race with and earn rental fees
  • 2nd user profile expansion: Additional features will be added to the user profile like stables, race history, high scores, trophies, levels and more!
  • Duel races (1:1 races): Challenge another NFT horse owner to one on one races, choose the stakes — it can be their NFT horse, any other NFT item or $DERC — and go for it!

Beta 1.3 is fully focused Govern2Earn elements of the DeRace platform

In June tables will turn! We will be introducing the final part of the model: Govern2Earn. The DeRace ecosystem will be fully governed by the community: we will allow the community to run the game by themselves and earn the rewards by doing that!

  • Community owned hippodromes: Community is taking over the role of game makers. Players can organize races for rewards. Also, create tournaments, manage the advertisement space, set entry requirements and more to maximize the activity in the hippodrome (bigger player activity=bigger rewards)
  • DJC hippodrome: DeRace Jockey Club hippodrome will be owned jointly by DJC members and DeRace team and will be launched together with other community owned hippodromes in July
  • Jockey NFTs: the highly-awaited Jockeys are joining the metaverse! On the race track they will provide an additional boost to the horse’s performance
  • Jockey NFT sales for $DERC: Jockey NFTs will be sold primarily for $DERC which would provide an additional utility for the token
  • Races for the NFT horse + Jockey NFT combo with grand prizes: Horses equipped with Jockey NFTs will have dedicated races where the race winners will share amazing prize funds

Full game launch of DeRace: the full DeRace2Earn model will be launched and LIVE!

From July and forward we will be working on mass adoption incentives

  • Hippodrome level system introduction: the community owned hippodromes are getting upgraded! Owning an active hippodrome will open various additional game play opportunities
  • Races in different lanes will bring DeRace closer to the real life races
  • DeRace NFT marketplace: trade all DeRace NFTs for $DERC conveniently straight on the platform
  • Mini games and lotteries: have some fun and win cool prizes while waiting for the races to start
  • DeRace mobile app for iOS and Android: will provide even more convenient ways to play your favorite game
  • Ads services integration
  • Integrations with external platforms and other wallets
  • 3rd party betting solution integration: it’s time to start wagering on your favorite champion horses
  • API for horse racing streaming platforms: DeRace is crossing over into the real world!

We will not be stopping even after the initial launch! After that, we will take the DeRace metaverse to another level: we will keep on adding features and expanding it even more!

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn profit while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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