DeRace Gameplay Expansion: Horse Levels

The upcoming launch of 1st MASSIVE feature batch is focusing on completely revolutionizing the DeRace gameplay. The highly-anticipated features are offering even more immersive game experience for the players, additional in-game rewards and an exponentially growing ecosystem.

One of these soon-to-be-launched features which is going to create new gameplay opportunities for the players are NFT horse levels.

Stable owners, NOW it’s the perfect time to learn all about the upcoming DeRace level system and master that knowledge on the racetrack to give your NFT horses a better chance of winning the race! 🐎

🐴 What are the NFT horse levels?

DeRace NFT horses can level up by collecting the experience points (XP) for various in-game activities such as racing and completing missions. There are 80 horse levels in total. The XP required to climb to another level is dynamic: the higher the level — the higher the XP needed to reach it.

For example, to reach level 2 a player might need to collect 650 points, while to reach level 17 they might need 8450 points.

🧮 How to collect XP points?

Players can easily collect the experience points just by simply racing their NFT horses. Additional XP is gained by completing daily/weekly/monthly horse missions.

🏁 Racing

Race your NFT horses to easily collect XP

Players can easily earn experience points by racing their NFT horses in any of the DeRace hippodromes. Have fun with your friends on the racetrack and collect the XP at the same time! No restrictions on surface or track length: each race is worth a specific and constant amount of XP points whether you win it or not.

🏆 Getting to the podium

NFT horses after the race: 3 fastest horses reach the podium

Players get an additional boost to their experience points collected from the race if they also reach the podium (top 3 fastest horses from that specific race). The first place gets the highest XP multiplier compared to second and third places. Winning the race gives players additional rewards, so make sure to target the racing tracks where your NFT horse performs the best!

🎯 Completing daily/weekly/monthly missions

DeRace NFT horses: mission feature (work in progress)

Along with DeRace Sugar Cubes — in-game rewards — players also collect experience points for completing various missions. All missions have different rewards — the more difficult the mission — the more experience points are collected by the players. Naturally, weekly missions have higher XP rewards than daily and the same logic works for monthly missions too. Missions will rotate time to time but will not not differ according to the horse’s generation or tier as they are all drawn from the same pool of tasks.

In the near future we are also planing to implement additional feature for the missions which will allow players to roll a new tasks. Stay tuned for more details on it😉

🥁 Horse levels and NFT equipment

Higher level horses have more choices of wearable items (saddles, horse shoes, bridle, etc.) to be equipped with.

Players can use horse equipment only if the horse level is higher or the same as that of equipment itself.

For example: NFT horses of level 30 can use saddle of level 30 or lower.

Higher level of NFT equipment — of the same tier — generally means higher statistics which influence their speed, stamina and reaction time (focus). It makes levelling up a crucial factor which impacts horse’s performance on the racetrack.

NFT horse equipment of different levels

If NFT horse equipment has a higher level than the horse, it remains in the inventory until the horse reaches the required level to use it. Owners can choose to keep the items for their horses and use it in the future once required level is reached, sell it to other players or burn it to receive the Sugar Cubes.

Different rarity items unlock at different levels. For example all common items unlock at around every 2 levels while more rare — such as epic wearables — unlock only at every 10 levels.

Make sure to race your horse often to climb the levels quickly and to unlock the new gameplay opportunities.

Champions are not born, they are made!

About DeRace

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, host races in your own NFT hippodrome and earn rewards while doing it.

DeRace is electrifying the current NFT market by allowing players to fully interact with their DNA-enriched NFT horses and have full control of their own hippodromes.

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